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Nursing Care Services in Park Ridge Illinois

If you need medical care following an injury or you have a chronic health condition, a prolonged stay in a hospital may not be necessary. A home nurse is possibly your best option. FEELWELL HOME HEALTHCARE SERVICES & MEDICAL STAFFING LLC offers top-quality home nursing services.

Staying in a hospital for long periods is not beneficial to you or your family. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that patients recover faster at home. It is certainly a lot more pleasant being in the familiar environment of your home.

Similarly, outpatient care is a real hassle. You need to keep scheduled appointments. Traveling to a hospital or clinic all the time is certainly not ideal.

Nursing care at home allows you to avoid all of this. Our registered nurses provide a completely professional and personal service. Caring for the ill, injured, or elderly is what we do best.

You can expect top-tier home nursing services:

  • Under the supervision of your doctor, our home care nurses will take care of your daily medical needs, like administering intravenous medications, wound care, tube feeding, or changing catheters.
Nursing Care Services in Park Ridge, Illinois
  • Your home nurse will help manage your medication, ensuring that you receive the correct daily dosages.
  • Patient assessment means that a qualified health professional is always on top of your condition. The nurse will report to your doctor with observations and suggestions as to your requirements.
  • Maintaining and monitoring medical equipment like respirators and drips.
  • Assistance with sanitary needs, including bathing and basic hygiene requirements.

The Best Home Nursing Service in Park Ridge Illinois

At FEELWELL HOME HEALTHCARE SERVICES & MEDICAL STAFFING LLC we aim to provide the ultimate home nursing service to our clients. Being the best means offering more than just highly professional service.

We understand we’re in the business of caring for people and that means you come first. Our home care nurses are compassionate and understanding. This means you’re not just receiving the best nursing care at home; but also you have someone who will listen to you and understand your needs. We proudly serve in Park Ridge, Illinois and the surrounding areas including Chicago, Lincolnwood, Skokie, Niles, Evanston, Lansing, Cook County, Lake County and Dupage County.

If you’re not prepared to compromise on your home health care, or that of a loved one, there really is only one option in the Park Ridge Illinois. Call FEELWELL HOME HEALTHCARE SERVICES & MEDICAL STAFFING LLC and discover what it means to receive truly personalized nursing care at home.

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